Shining Light Baptist Church (SLBCofDanville) is located on Blairmont Drive in Blairs Va. We began our journey together in August of 1999, and celebrated 20 years of ministry in August of 2019. Our mission statement is that we exist to be Voices for God's Word and Hands for God's Work. We are known for our family environment and our passion for teaching the Bible.

The SLBC family is committed to being voices for God's word by encouraging personal bible reading, sharing the Bible in both private and public settings; and modeling Biblical character in our own life.

We are committed to being hands for Gods work by demonstrating to our community there is a God who cares about them; we believe we can only do this when we show them God has given them a church that cares about them. Being part of the SLBC family means being asked to join us in giving financially to help local families, or going together to accomplish a community project. One way we invest in our community is by investing in the elementary school nearest us (Southisde Elementary School). We partner with White Oak Church to supply forty bags of food each week. These bags contain a couple breakfast, lunches, and snacks for children who need a little extra to eat on the weekend. We have also participated in painting projects and other projects for the school Currently, we offer a bi-weekly bible study for teachers and staff after school hours. In addition to our community involvement we work together to send the gospel and the love of God to other parts of the world.

Join us and become a voice for God's word and hands for God's work.