What to expect on your visit

Thank you for considering a visit to Shining Light Baptist Church. If your visit will be on a Sunday morning you may choose to join us from 10am to 12 or 11am - 12. If you choose to join us at 10:00 you will enjoy a time of singing, prayer, and typically a 20-25min bible lesson. This service time is designed to equip you to worship God, while learning about Him through His word.

You may choose to begin your visit at 11:00 and share in our worship through songs, prayer, and preaching. Together the songs, prayer, and preaching are designed to encourage faith in God and obedience to His word. We sing about God through songs both new and old. In case you are wondering what to wear on your visit, our SLBC family is a blend of traditional and casual church attire.

You may also enjoy visiting us on a Wednesday for a meal before we begin our mid-week worship. Our meal time began as a means to help working families get to church without rushing through or neglecting supper. There is no cost for the meal, which is ready at 6:30pm. Feeding our families is just one benefit to sharing a meal, you will enjoy getting know others at SLBC by sharing in conversation. Around 7pm our mid-week worship will begin with a selection of songs that encourage worship, a time of teaching from the Bible, and a time of prayer. Many of the SLBC families join us just after work, so you will find us in our work or casual attire; we invite you to do the same.

Now you are ready to plan your visit with us! There are friendships to be made so don't wait any longer come on out and make new friends, and who knows you may soon be part of the SLBC family.